VEDaNTTI, herself is the designer of VEDaNTTI jewellery house and she is free-spirited young girl who is passionate about making people smile. She accomplishes this endeavour by designing exquisite jewellery that are crafted for your smile. She draws her inspiration from the nature and it is easier for her due to her immense love towards nature, design and anything that is artistic. She is a talented designer who would go that extra mile to make sure that her designs are not just liked by the people but are loved and treasured by them. The desire to design is in her bloods as she is from a family that is involved in diamond and jewellery business.

Father’s footsteps

Following the footsteps of her father, VEDaNTTI has also entered the world of jewellery. However, she has carved herself a place that is new and unique for her. The proximity to the diamonds and jewellery has made her to realise the amount of effort that is required to create a piece of jewellery that can enthuse a sense of joy and happiness in the onlooker and the wearer alike. Her inner happiness and creativity were always sparked by diamonds and jewellery. With complete knowledge of the effort, care and time that is required to create the masterpiece, she has found her passion in designing the masterpieces of jewellery that can infuse the same happiness in other people. She endeavours to create happiness in the world by creating soulful jewellery that can communicate with the deepest part of our heart.