The signature collection of VEDaNTTI is the Mobius Collection, which is inspired from the mysterious yet mesmerising Mobius strip. Although, it appears to have two sides, Mobius strip is a mysterious one that has only one surface and boundary to it. Mobius collection is designed by VEDaNTTI herself, exclusively as a bridal jewellery. It symbolises the oneness of love and relationship between the two people. This fresh concept of band makes it a unique offering among the collections as it symbolises the love.

Mobius is VEDaNTTI signature collection that is exclusively crafted for you. The Mobius strips or the infinity strips represents the unifying character and eternality of love. The love between two individuals continues infinitely with no boundaries, other than love itself. The Mobius collection of bridal jewellery, is crafted meticulously with care, to reflect the happiness and eternality of love in the soft and exquisite curvy edges of the jewellery. The jewels have only one boundary and one side, as in the Mobius strip.

When one traces the path along a Mobius strip one can do nothing but wonder about the endless curve and relish in happiness. Similarly, the Mobius collection makes one wonder about the endless love and revel in the happiness and care that it provides. It expresses the love that begins at a point only to be extending forever without an end.