VEDaNTTI, established in New York, is inspired to bring luxury jewelry to today’s self-purchasing women. The designer house started in the year 2016 and it crafts high jewelry for your smile. The beauty in our design and the story of each collection touches the heart. Each exquisite piece of VEDaNTTI jewelry is a creation that bridges you with the deepest part of your heart and brings happiness in you.

The Vedantti Logo

An exquisite, lustrous star-shaped symbol is created from the alphabet V. The artfully unified V’s with its magnetic appeal mesmerize one like a sparkling rising star. It is the letter that visualizes a necklace with a beautiful diamond at the center.

The design is a symbol of women’s free spirit to fly and explore endlessly.



Each exquisite piece of VEDaNTTI jewelry, is artistically designed, beautifully made and skilfully crafted just for one purpose. It is a creation that bridges you with the deepest part of your heart and induces happiness in you, thereby making you smile from the inside.


The VEDaNTTI philosophy is at the core of all our designs. It is to derive inspirations from the imagination of the self, through the visualization of the surrounding, nature, and anything that is beautiful. As long as the passion to pursue beauty and happiness lies within ourselves, it will be comfortable to visualize the impossible and to manifest that impeccable timeless beauty in the real world.