Our High Jewelry necklaces combine expertise in diamonds and high-precision skill in the art of jewelry making, creating the masterpieces of the collections. Designed and produced at the Vedantti for High Jewelry. These unique pieces perfectly embody the Vedantti style: femininity, comfort and modernity.


VEDaNTTI, herself is the designer of VEDaNTTI jewellery house and she is free-spirited young girl who is passionate about making people smile.


Vedantti Spirit

Women’s free spirit to explore endlessly


Rock Square takes inspiration by New York’s famed The Rink at Rockefeller Center. This collection features the emerald cut diamonds with the elegance and grace of The Rink. You can experience the liveliness of the atmosphere and the glamour of the heritage architectural Rockefeller Center in New York City that is embodied through the design of the collection

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The Power within you is limitless, it’s the energy that moves you. She is a girl who’s Got The Power. She bring a vibrant, youthful and lively aura around her

Madhubani is an art that lives for more than 2500 years. Its originated from a small village in India, called Madhubani. The skills are passed on through centuries and is a form of wall art that is widely practiced throughout the region. The art is a form of communication and method of storytelling, stories of festivals, old tales, celebration and feelings. Vedantti had a firsthand visit to the village to explore the beauty and history of Madhubani. We brought the 2500 year old art to our Vedantti Jewellery, hence Madhubani, An Art-To-Wear

She feels the authenticity and beauty of this art. She feels the touch of art in her style and has something unique in her collection.
We consider it our responsibility to help preserve the beauty in this heritage art and we will be donating a percentage of our revenue to revive the Madhubani Art.



The Circle is designed for modern women in today’s world. She is confident, strong and independent. She wears her jewelleries to enjoy every moment in her life. This collection is the expression of the moment she is in.